What a Numerologist Does

Creating a Chart - The Science

A numerologist uses your birth certificate name and birth date to create your individual chart, your "blueprint".  This is done by translating letters into numbers and applying a series of mathematical computations which provide the "code" through which your individual chart is designed.   

Reading a Chart - The Art

Just as you are more than a sum of your total parts, so is your chart. When reading a chart, each position of the chart is considered individually and collectively, and the definition of the number in each position on the chart is considered and included as an important element to decipher.  For example, your Life Lesson number (derived from your birth date) will be discussed and referred to as one of the important positions in the chart.  It then has to be regarded in communication with your Soul Number, Mind Number, and all of the other positions of the chart. 
Each number effects the other, and that is where the art of Numerology comes in.  It is not enough to simply define each position and the number that lies within that box or circle.  A Numerologist interprets the message within the code and then translates this information so that you can not only understand it, but that you can ultimately begin using it to align yourself to your own blueprint.  At that point, you begin to experience direct communication from that blueprint, from that spiritual reality that stands behind it, the level of your self that is actually fully aware and fully competent to make decisions and is able to receive the wisdom of its source, of its higher self, and be able to apply that directly to your reality.