An excerpt from the Akashic Community Center Newletter:  "Michel calls Numerology a kind of 'spiritual chiropractic" - a way of objectively discovering and defining the true purpose, direction and life situations and challenges that a being has assigned himself.  He states (emphatically) that he is not a fortune teller and feels fortune telling does a serious disservice to the individual because it removes him from actual responsibility for future events - depriving him of power of life.  The actual product that Michel creates using Numerology is CLARITY for the individual in terms of who he is and what opportunities and challenges are in store.  It is his sole intention to make people more causative over their environment by providing this useful and usable information......"Since 1971, he has done more individual charts than any numerologist on the planet -- approximately 30,000."  - L.A. Weekly.

 Celebrity Client List Includes:
Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Halle Berry, John Larroquette (and many others who have asked to remain anonymous).

Excerpt from the WHOLE LIFE TIMES (1990)
     "...What he (Kassett) has done (with Numerology) is nothing less than a quantum jump..."


"No-one has ever taught Numerology like Michel Kassett."                       
     -- Damien Simpson, Quest IV Television

"...Numerology is an exquisite language and has been an expressive art in every culture throughout time.  What Michel accomplishes through his work is a level of awareness that can guide us in the new millennium.  If we are willing to open to the profound meaning of these teachings we may break through our limited belief systems and experience the vast intelligence and unconditional love that is available to each and every one of us.  I use his material with my clients and in workshops when I want to bring home the existence of a greater reality.  I am very grateful to Michel for his poetic work, his humor and his wisdom..."    
     -- Susan Hill Kirk -- Numerologist--Spiritual Counselor

"Mr. Kassett's work is unique, vital and fantastical.  I hope many more people become aware of it."
      -- Jon Rappoport, author, Full Power, The Unhypnotizing of the Human Being