Consulting Services Available:

Individual Life Orientation Reading: Interpretation of your chart,  and complete life analysis which includes who you are, how you think, your inherent traits and talents, your deepest desires, your potential for joy, success and fulfillment, your challenges and most importantly, your Life Lesson.   Undeniably, the most personal and intimate look at who you are, who you can become, and offers precise instructions on how you can connect with the spiritual reality behind your individual blueprint.

A 90-minute Life Orientation
recorded on tape with a live follow-up by telephone

Individual Updated Reading: This reading is subsequent to your Individual Life Orientation Reading, and includes an update of your Life Orientation as well as a discussion of your Personal Year and Personal month cycles.  This is a reading that can include daily, monthly, and yearly forecasting for planning any type of special days, moves of any kind, upcoming job changes, etc. 

Personal orientation for the year or any portion of the year
recorded on tape with a live follow-up by telephone

Compatibility Reading: Find out how you relate to your partner, spouse, friends, people you work with.  This reading includes comparisons of the strengths within the relationship as well as recognizing the potential weaknesses and pitfalls.  This information allows you to bring a much higher level of consciousness to each relationship and gives you the tools you need to navigate each relationship as successfully as possible. People-to-people, People to things/activities/careers, etc.

Recorded on tape with live follow-up by telephone 

Career and Business Counseling: Find out which career paths and types of businesses are best suited for you and how you can become successful doing what you love.  Learn to create the professional life that will help you in your quest to be happy, fulfilled, and spiritually enriched.

Recorded on tape with live follow-up by telephone

 Name Changes: If you are  thinking of changing your name for professional reasons, marriage, or changing family status, it can make a big difference in the dynamics affecting your life.  Find out how with this reading specifically designed to compare and contrast your Life Orientation chart with the energies of your new, or potentially new name. 

Recorded on tape with a live follow-up by telephone

Children's Readings: Find out how your child's name and birth date are a direct correlation to who they are and how they function within their life.  Learn the best ways to parent your child, how to encourage their inherent strengths and work with any weaknesses or limitations.  This is an invaluable tool in recognizing how each child is unique and it can help to give your kids a head start on their own self-orientation and spiritual enlightenment. 

Recorded on tape with a live follow-up by telephone

Life Coaching: Tailored for each individual, this usually involves a 30-minute conversation every week for a specific period of time. Typical schedule is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

     Testimonials are available upon request. 

Individual Numerology Classes: The basics are truly simple.  You can acquire a sound working knowledge of Numerology in 3 to 4 sessions (6 to 8 hours altogether) in person (if you live in Los Angeles) or by telephone.  There is no better tool for understanding the human condition.

Testimonials from current and past students available upon request. 

Special Projects: Virtually any subject can be addressed with Numerology.  If you have a subject or area of special interest -- something you'd like to explore in greater depth -- there's most likely a way to do it.  Call me!