Kassett System of Numerology

The Kassett System of Numerology differs from other applications because it is Numerology as it is understood from the spiritual viewpoint.  It is understood as a basic statement from the spiritual level to the physical level.  It is the map that the higher self has provided.  The advantage to this system is the utter clarity.  With this subject, you are dealing with the core ideas of life, the conceptual core of your reality. 


Who developed the Kassett System of Numerology?


Michel Kassett has been studying Numerology and developing the Kassett System of Numerology for over thirty years.  He has done over 40,000 readings and taught hundreds of private students this spiritually-based system of the ancient art of Numerology. 
Michel has created a system that can, without question, hone directly in on your true situation, help you see it and fully understand it.  It allows you to think along with your higher self in terms of understanding the conception of your reality, understanding the blueprint itself and the underlying meaning, objective and its ultimate purpose.     This  truly becomes a complete life orientation.   This is getting an undeniable fix on where you are in relation to what is important in your life, what are your true priorities, what will make you happy, what will make you successful.  

"I've had experiences with several numerologists, astrologers, psychics, intuitives in the past, who were all helpful in their own ways. But their guidance didn't provide any tools to work with the information to effect more positive outcomes in my life. Then I received a reading from Michael. It was beyond my expectations. It was as if having a reading for the first time. Not only was his information unbelievably accurate, he provided the necessary tools to work with the numbers to create new pathways in my life. I have listened to his reading dozens of times and still receive new insights. I recommend him to all of my friends. His ability is a gift to us all."
Bradley Rand Smith, award-winning playwright & screenwriter.